Roots Apple Cider

On a snowy day, drink this…

You know those days when you wake up and you’re just cold? The house thermostat doesn’t say it’s cold, I mean you’ve been blasting the heat all night, yet it doesn’t matter. You’re still cold. The kind of cold where you keep the shower on long enough for the bathroom to fill with smog before you can get out. Well, we have the perfect cocktail for you on a day like this!

There is no secret that atōst Roots is the spiciest and earthiest of our aperitivo line. One of the secret ingredients in our maceration process is Fiji apples – it adds a beautiful cinnamon characteristic that we absolutely love.

We used this insider knowledge to help formulate the ultimate warm Roots cocktail. It’s simple really, you’ll need a bottle or 2 of atōst Roots, some apple cider, and a few dashes here and garnishes there.

We’ll call this one our Boozy Spicy Apple.

What you’ll need:
2oz atōst Roots
4oz Apple cider (your choice on brand and sweetness level)
2tbsp Local honey (we are biased, Colorado honey is the best – try Bjourns Honey)
Garnish: Cinnamon Stick and Star Anise


In the mug of your choice, warm up the apple cider in the microwave. Once warm, add honey and a stick of cinnamon. Gently stir to mix honey in. Pour atōst Roots over the top. Garnish with star anise and serve. 

Now go find your favorite couch, a book of your choice, hopefully a nice warm fireplace and enjoy.


- the Pressmans