American Aperitivos

Roots Roots


An earthy, spicy, yet incredibly fresh spirit showcasing a variety of underground flavors. Mix in an elevated cocktail or sip on rocks for a whiskey like experience.
Bloom Bloom


Refreshing floral notes combined with juicy strawberry fields, this spirit tastes like Spring in a bottle. You’ll be blooming for your next cocktail.
Citrus Citrus


Fresh California citrus with hints of warm Tahitian vanilla, you’ll escape to your favorite summer spot any time of year. Enjoy the fruit of our labor.

a flavor for everyone

Our American Aperitivos blend the luxury of a fine wine with the quality of a craft spirit. Each bottle is handcrafted in our Golden, Colorado winery using California grape spirit, Colorado honey, and a variety of fresh fruits, herbs, and botanicals from across the country. We celebrate the tradition of the European aperitif with a fresh twist, extracting and aging all flavors in house with a fraction of the sugar and no added colors or artifical ingredients. Each atost flavor is made with versatility in mind, making our aperitivos a refreshing spirit on the rocks, sparkling with bubbles, or mixed into your favorite cocktail. No matter how you enjoy, be sure to raise a glass to those around you. Cheers!

How to Enjoy



3oz of atost poured over iced



2oz of atost with a splash of your favorite bubbles



add atost to your favorite cocktail