Spring 2021
Spring 2021
Spring 2021
Spring 2021

Spring 2021

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Floral lavender with freshly picked California lemons, our first ever limited edition flavor tastes like Spring in a bottle. Infused with exotic purple violet, Spring 2021 is as beautiful as it is delicious. Your spritzes will never look the same. Add tonic on top with a splash of Champagne, or infuse into an elevated floral cocktail.

Only 350 bottles available. 

750 ML

21% ALC/VOL | 42 PROOF

All of the spirit, none of the burn. Crafted using the freshest fruits and most exotic herbs & botanicals, atōst is both enjoyable and versatile. 21% abv means more sips today with less headaches tomorrow. Gettin' thirsty?

Enjoy Your Way

On the Rocks

3oz pour of Spring right over ice. Sip & enjoy, no mixers necessary.

With Bubbles

Equal parts Spring & tonic with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice over ice. Spritz perfection.

Elevated Cocktail

Mix up an Angel's Breath. Simple, elegant & delicious.