3 Types of Party Hosts: which one are you?

One of the things people look forward to most as the holiday season approaches is the set of holiday parties that come along with it: It's a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family. There’s no denying that hosting a holiday party, should that responsibility land on your shoulders, is no small undertaking. However, the long to-do list will vary depending on which type of party host you are! 

After diligent research (aka attending many parties) we believe there are 3 different types of party hosts–which one are you? 


The Food Centric Host 

For this host, the food is the most important aspect of the party. This host will spend hours tracking down highly-rated caterers for 5-star cuisine or flip through hundreds of cookbooks tagging each potential recipe that is sure to wow their party guests. Of course, this food-centric host will have enough food to feed a party twice the size of the one they’re hosting, but they’re unphased because they live by the motto “the more food the better!” These hosts are also known as the foodies of their friend groups, so no one will be surprised when they leave this party feeling as stuffed as they do on Thanksgiving Day. 

More Booze, The Better Host 

For this host, their main focus is what their guests will be sipping on. People don’t take extra time off work during the holidays for nothing. Letting loose on high-quality spirits is what this host plans their party around. This host will stop by several local liquor stores curating the perfect lineup of spirits for the big bash! This host may even go so far as creating their own unique party cocktail that they will name something like “Ho Ho Ho Hot Tody” or “The Great Pumpkin Spiced Mule.” This host will not grab just any alcohol for their signature cocktails, they’ll do their research and order local spirits. That way their out-of-town friends and family will have a true taste of their home state. 

(May we suggest atōst aperitivos for our CO friends :)) 

Of course, this host will spend time thinking about the food, because a good cocktail is even better paired with the right dish. But unlike the Food-Centric Host, the More Booze, The Better Host will base a party menu off the drinks they’re mixing up! 

The Pinterest Board Host 

For this host, their party-planning joy comes from turning their home into a holiday Hallmark movie. This host will likely spend hours on Pinterest making a mood board for inspiration. But you won’t find this host in Party City, they’ll hit up local antique stores, vintage markets, and more to find rare and perfect party decor. An aesthetically pleasing, instagramable party setting is what this host strives for. Of course, what is an aesthetic holiday party without delicious food and spectacular spirits? This party host will provide both of those things in plenty, but their main focus is still on presenting their guests with great photo ops! 

There is no right or wrong party style. If you put your personality into a party, you're going to be a success. And here at atōst, we believe the most important aspect of a party is the people. No matter how you party, make sure you’re doing it with the ones you love the most! Cheers! 

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