Alcohol We Can Enjoy,

atōst is the result of our desire to drink, and enjoy, an alcohol together. We felt the gap between wine and spirit was too large. The only thing in the middle? The largely unknown world of aperitifs, most of which are overly bitter and loaded with sugar. So we set out to create our own, one crafted specifically for the modern drinker using only the freshest ingredients and a fraction of the sugar.

Our Story

Cindy loved wine and Kyle loved spirits, but finding something enjoyable together was always a challenge. After dumping a few too many bottles of wine gone bad down the drain, we went on a hunt to find a spirit we could actually sip together. The only problem? Everything we tasted was too strong & harsh or overly bitter & sweet.

Our Aperitivos

While creating atōst, our goal was simple: combine our favorite parts of wine and spirit into one alcohol. It needed to be enjoyable, not too harsh, and better for you. Each atōst flavor begins with a base white wine made in our Golden, CO winery. We then blend premium grape spirit with the freshest fruits, herbs & botanicals to create a truly flavorful spirit unlike anything you've tasted before.

Our Why

atōst is more than an alcohol brand to us. It represents our favorite thing in the world: gathering and spending time with friends, family, and everyone in between. Wherever you are and whoever you’re with, we hope your glass is full and raised high.

Our Process


Freshness you can see, smell, and taste. We skip the 'natural' flavors and infuse only real, whole ingredients into our spirits, creating truly unique and delicious flavors.


We take pride in every step of the production process. From our base wine to spirit extraction, infusion, and blending, you can finally feel confident about where your alcohol is made.


We're skipping the liquor stores and shipping straight to your door. This allows ultimate convenience and avoids the expensive middlemen.