All About Apéritifs

To understand the importance of the apéritif, we must look to Europe. Apéritifs are very common throughout the continent, particularly in France and Italy. They're often served as parlor drinks before lunch and dinner. The traditional apéritif is a ritual and something sacred to the European culture. Sharing a moment over an apéritif is arguably as important as the meal. 

You may already be familiar with apéritifs, but just don't know it! A typical North American way to enjoy an apéritif is mixed in cocktails to classic recipes such as the Martini, Manhattan, or a Negroni. 

What Is an Apéritif?

For those who have never indulged in this sort of drink, here are a few basics: An apéritif is a light, most often dry, lower in alcohol beverage meant to spark the appetite without overwhelming the senses. And while an apéritif may be as simple as a glass of dry white wine or Champagne, a true apéritif, the kind that we make here at atōst, has a little more flair, more flavor, more color and--yes--a bit more sophistication.

atōst Apéritifs

Despite enjoying traditional apéritifs, our American palates felt as if they were too bitter and too sweet. So we set out to create our own, one crafted specifically for the modern drinker using only the freshest ingredients and a fraction of the sugar.

There’s no one way to enjoy our apéritifs. These versatile and refreshing spirits can be enjoyed in a variety of ways differently depending on your mood, occasion, and preference! Try our apértifs: 


1. On The Rocks 

atōst is light yet complex and perfect to sip on right over an ice cube. Say goodbye to that harsh spirit burn.

2. With Bubbles 

Backyard cookouts, long beach days, and Sunday brunches all call for tasty spritzes. Add your favorite bubbles on top of any atōst flavor and start sippin'! 

3. In Simple Cocktails 

When a cocktail includes one of the atōst apéritifs, you can be assured that it will make an excellent happy hour drink, a during-dinner sipper, or a necessary nightcap. atōst apéritifs are perfect for those wanting all the flavor but none of the burn! 

No matter how you enjoy atōst, make sure you raise a glass! Cheers! 


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