All About Roots

Ahhh Fall. What better time of year is there for relaxing outside and toasting with friends? 

As the leaves change colors, and the weather gets cooler our taste buds tend to crave more full-bodied, richer flavors. That’s why Roots is our ultimate Fall drink of choice. Infused with earthy & herbaceous flavors, one sip and you’ll be falling for this delicious aperitivo. 


Fresh notes of ginger & lemon with a hint of anise, Roots is exotic, a bit spicy, and absolutely delicious. Don’t be surprised when this bottle disappears quickly. The perfect pre-dinner shot with friends or exceptional over ice! 

And it’s 21% abv and 42 proof means more sips today with fewer headaches tomorrow. 

Enjoy Roots Your Way: 

1. On the Rocks 

3oz. pour of Roots right over ice. Sip & enjoy, no mixers necessary.

2. With Bubbles 

Equal parts Roots, ginger beer, & tonic over ice. Spritz perfection.

3. Elevated Cocktail 

Mix up an Mtn. Roots or Roots Mule. Simple, elegant & delicious.


Pair Roots with: 

1. A Dinner Party 

Aside from being a terrific apéritif to hand your drinking friends, Roots is really good with food.  Rich and silky, it’s a great match with everything from smoked salmon to grilled meats. Try serving it a few minutes before the food is ready, so your dinner party guests get the traditional aperitivo experience! 

2. A Happy Hour 

Known for its exotic spice, Roots, and a fruit-filled charcuterie board are a  match-made in happy hour heaven! The spicy notes in Roots and the concentrated sweetness of the dried fruit work together to elevate both flavors. 

It’s not half bad with some fancy cheese, too! 

 3. A Self-Care Sunday 

Who said self-care Sunday needed to be a long list of relaxing, spa-like activities? We hear a glass of Roots and a couch all to yourself can do the trick! 

Ring in the new season (or any season, really) with Roots! You won’t be disappointed. 

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