Our Process

If you’ve found yourself googling “what is an aperitif?” or “what is an aperitif made of?” trust us–you’re not alone. We understand that the world of aperitifs is largely unknown, so in this blog post, we’re going to take you through our process. From farm to bottle, here’s how atōst becomes your favorite spirit! 

Step 1: We begin by crafting a delicious white wine base in our Golden, Colorado winery using bright California chardonnay grapes and warm Colorado honey. This unique and delicious blend can be enjoyed in every bottle of atōst.


Step 2: Then, we source premium grape spirit, or distilled grape juice, from Sonoma, CA. This is where the magic happens. The freshest and most unique fruits, herbs, and botanicals spend a couple of days in this spirit. It’s a process called maceration, or more simply put–extraction. All the color and flavor is released into the spirit and then added to the wine. 

We don’t just choose any ingredient to add here, we hand select only the best. Like the most delicious citrus from Santa Paula, CA (Cindy’s hometown), locally sourced whiskey barrels, and western slope juniper. Every ingredient we use has a story and purpose. 

Step 3: After gently blending the spirit and wine together, we let each batch age in stainless steel tanks (besides you Woods ;)) before being hand bottled, labeled, and packaged. 

Step 4: Wherever you choose to get your bottle of atōst, whether at atōst.co, your local bottle shop, or even directly from our atōst Lounge in Golden, Colorado, you can be confident you’re drinking an aperitivo made with ultimate love.

While creating atōst, our goal was simple: combine our favorite parts of wine and spirit into one alcohol. It needed to be enjoyable, not too harsh, and better for you. And we did just that! Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! 

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