Our Thanksgiving Essentials

Thanksgiving may get overlooked sometimes by the Christmas-lovers who have already hung the lights and the ornaments on their tree. But here at atōst, Thanksgiving comes in as one of our favorite holidays. See–Thanksgiving is all about gathering with friends and family and celebrating togetherness. Togetherness and gathering are exactly why atōst exists! So, to celebrate this holiday, we do it big–all while sipping on aperitivos of course. Here’s what we’ll be sipping on, jamming to, and feasting on this Thanksgiving. 
It’s pretty impossible to pick just one Thanksgiving dish, so here’s a whole recipe index from Food Network! We’re pairing these dishes with a full glass of atōst, and the ones we love the most this holiday season! 
Inspired by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, this signature atōst cocktail has a pleasant ginger spice paired with sweet lemon! Transport your taste buds to higher elevation & mix up this Roots recipe tonight. 
 Cozy season calls for some even cozier tunes! Queue up atōst Roots for all of your upcoming holiday celebrations. The perfect background music, get-up-dance music mixed up into one playlist!