Recipe to a Perfect Bar Cart

Not only can a well-stocked bar cart act as sleek decor, but it can make hosting happy hours and dinner parties a breeze. Here’re the must-have items for both novices and liquor connoisseurs to have on their bar carts! 

Besides the alcohol and mixers, the three basic needs for your bar cart are tools, glassware, and garnishes. Cocktail tools can vary; you can either get a cocktail tool kit that comes with a stand or pick and choose what you want to feature. In order to make a cocktail you definitely need a jigger to measure with, and a cocktail shaker with a strainer.

If you’re mixing up atōst spirit-forward cocktails, we’d also recommend a mixing glass — like this yarai. Our head bartender, Cassie, uses a yarai for almost all of the atōst signature cocktails

And of course, you can’t forget about glassware for your guests to drink with. We recommend designating just a couple of your go-to cocktails glasses a permanent spot on the bar cart. That way whenever the urge for a drink strikes, your bar cart can be a one-stop-shop!

 Arguably the most important aspect of a bar cart is the variety of spirits it holds. We recommend choosing an apéritif (or two) that is fitting your seasonal mood! atōst is the perfect spirit for a bar cart because of the ease at which you can drink it. Don’t want to mess around with a lot of extra ingredients? Just pour it over ice. Or pair it with that bottle of prosecco in your fridge. 

 A well-stocked bar cart isn’t just about the liqueurs. Like any piece of furniture in your home, your bar cart is a representation of you. Don’t feel like you need to stock up like an actual bar. Think of it as a coffee table — stack up some mixology books that have beautiful images for your guests to flip through. Make it really stand out by choosing something with a pop of color. 

 There is no one recipe for creating the perfect bar cart! As long as it holds the staples and atōst you’ll be set! Cocktail, anyone?

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